Abandoned Home

by Jörg Billwitz

Where are you the place I can call home? Is this the place I am searching for? Sometimes I am driven by the tremendous curiosity of getting to know myself, of finding myself. Often I am crying on my way, sometimes I need to rest to look behind.

Afraid of discovering more than I have searched for,
hoping to find a clear answer to my questions,
attempting to free myself from my body,
attempting to accept the truth,
dreaming to fly like an angel,
being lost in myself.

Preventing to be someone else, I am blinding my surrounding, keeping them distanced.

I easily get inspired by the people around me, but being all alone, I find myself set back on me. Set back in what I really am, set back on my feelings I am running away from.
Not prepared to face the truth, that the only home can be found inside yourself, I am still on my way, trying to find a place called home.

Bianca | June 2017

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  • Wunderschöne stimmungsvolle Bilder von Bianca in Umbrien!

    • billwitz

      Danke Peter, wir hatten eine wunderschöne Woche, Bianca war großartig wie immer!

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