Yana meets Stéphane

by Jörg Billwitz

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Paris. Love. Art. December 2018

Paris is always a good idea. We met Stéphane on a cold winter day on the Montmartre. He had set up his easel there and was waiting for customers. We liked his drawing style and so we let him draw us a portrait of Yana. We got into a conversation and Stéphane said if we would like to come to his atelier ( his living room :) the next day, then he would like to make some sketches of Yana. Said done. So the next morning we met Stéphane in a café in Paris, where he showed Yana his sketchbook. Then we went to him, he made us hot tea, and then he started. For Yana, it was a challenge to keep quiet for so long, but it was a wonderful experience and I was very lucky to be able to document everything.
- Look at art
- Be art
- Make art
- Show art
- Art
- Art Art

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  • Xu Duo

    A great storytelling pictures

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